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Welcome to the Big Kitty Store!

We specialize in items for very large and highly active cats.

We are cat lovers, who happen to have really big cats. We understand how hard is is to find items for them, so we provide ease of shopping with high quality items that we pre-screened for size and weight limits appropriate for large cats. You will find size dimensions noted on all products so that you can find just the right fit for your big kitty.

Aside from size, we also scrutinize items for quality, durability, safety, and enrichment. We will not carry items that have been known to cause illnesses or injuries reported by pet-parents in our forums.

Our main office and warehouse are located in Cleveland, Ohio and all of our fulfillment centers are located here in the USA, to offer you exceptional customer service and fast delivery times- with free shipping.

Our selection continues to evolve, as new items will continue to arrive throughout the year. Come back and visit periodically, or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on what's new!

Questions? Call: 1-866-924-4548 or Email: info@bigkittystore.com.

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