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About Us

BIG KITTY is an online store that specializes in essential items for raising BIG and ACTIVE cat breeds such as Maine Coons, Bengals, Savannahs, Ragdolls, Siberian/Norwegian Forest Cats, Turkish Vans and more.  We source high quality items that accommodate their size, weight, strength, and need for extra enrichment. 

How it all started:

I'm a cat lover, who happens to have a very big kitty!  I've struggled for years to find items that support my big boy's size and weight.  Retail stores never seem to stock items for large cats. I searched the internet and randomly found items that I could make do with modifications, but even the items listed for large cats often weren’t large enough. I joined groups with other big cat parents and soon realized I wasn't alone! 

I reached out to multiple cat tree manufacturers to see what was available. I searched thru manufacturer product listings and distributor catalogs to find items that met our criteria, and have items that are now being custom made for us. 

We are focused on providing ease of shopping for your Big Kitty essentials by offering high quality items that have been pre-screened for size and weight limits, and exceptional customer service. Our main office and warehouse is located in Cleveland, Ohio and all of our vendors are located in the USA. 

I hope that Our Products, Blogs and Resources help make your Big Kitty's life as best as it can be!